Haq Movement Leader Rejects Conditional Release from Prison

2021-09-15 - 5:35 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Haq Movement leader, Hassan Mushaima, who is sentenced to life imprisonment, said that he rejects conditional release from prison, his son, activist Ali Mushaima reported.

The leader said in his statement that "prison is a great ordeal, but the believer finds calamities easy when growing closer to Allah," adding that "prison is full of patient believers who put their trust in God."

He added "I was and will continue to urge my beloved people to stay hopeful and do not despair of Allah's mercy."

Mushaima stressed that "if I were to choose between a humiliating and conditional freedom or staying in prison, I would definitely prefer prison."

Mushaima's health severely deteriorated due to the deliberate medical negligence he is subjected to inside the prison. He suffered high level of blood sugar that reached 23Mmol/l and high blood pressure that reached 180. His heart muscle has been negatively affected by the high blood pressure.

He also suffers from severe knee pain that has made him spend most of his time in bed.

Mushaima said in a call in July that he has not received treatment for his health problems sine six months, noting that he has to take painkillers that also affect his stomach. "I consider that my body is collapsing," he stated..

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