EDITORIAL: Let Bahrain Apologize to Qatar and Be the End of It!

2021-08-03 - 6:38 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): In its ongoing media war with Qatar, the Bahraini government appears to be acting like a child who has lost his way. While Doha strikes with a robust media force that has a strong influence and wide audience, on both Arab and international levels, such as Al Jazeera channel, Manama responds through its miserable local newspapers and its misleading media, which is not followed or trusted even by its own citizens.

It's a joke, no doubt!

Accordingly, Advisor to the King for Diplomatic Affairs Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa's insertion of himself in the quarrel on social media, announcing claim to Al-Zubarah, appears to be a highly indicative reflection of the desperate and bankrupt political discourse of the regime. "Al-Zubarah is the Bahraini people's, there are rights that shall not be lost." Any politician, who says such words today, is one who has lost his weight, aura and resourcefulness in the face of the daily bombardment he receives from a mighty media outlet.

Not to mention that this is coming from a diplomat, advisor to the king and a former foreign minister! What does an advisor actually reflect when making such a statement!

What is worthier than reclaiming Al-Zubarah, which will not happen, reclaiming the "sovereignty" that has been forfeited since 2011, and reconciling with the people of Bahrain, which offer the largest opportunity for our country to gain respect internally and externally, and from Qatar and other countries as well.

Manama has taken the path of rivalry with Doha, following the footsteps of Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. It is a dispute that has no local resonance, but rather was imposed on the people by force only. However, paradoxically, it was the most explosive in the feud to the extent that it was to be a supposed field for military action against Qatar had it not been for the intervention of the Emir of Kuwait!

And when the reconciliation took place (at Al-Ula Summit), the leader withdrew from the feud, while the subordinate was left to fight alone against an armored elephant called Al Jazeera channel.

Bahrain has no capacity for this war and has no benefit to gain from it. It is time for it to stop and put an end to all its exhausting consequences. Let Bahrain go to Qatar, apologize to its emir, and release the opposition leader, Sheikh Ali Salman, whose name was thrown into a Gulf political dispute in which Bahrain has unnecessarily involved itself.

Bahrain can never excel in this media war and there is no need to keep trying!


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