Haq Movement Leader still Suffering from High Blood Sugar Despite Being Transferred to Hospital 2 Weeks Ago

2021-08-02 - 10:14 م

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights activist Ali Mushaima, son of Haq Movement leader Hassan Mushaima who is sentenced to life imprisonment, said that it has been two weeks since his father was admitted to hospital. Tests have proven what we were saying about his health problems that are alarmingly worsening. He added that neglecting him all through this period puts his life to danger. The rise in blood sugar level has not been controlled yet, which is a very serious and worrying indicator.

Mushaima revealed via his Twitter account that his father is waiting to undergo a prostate surgery and an urgent treatment for knee pain which hindered him from moving. He needs a careful follow-up and a clear treatment plan for other health problems that I mentioned more than once earlier.

It is weird that the party supervising his treatment refuses to hand over Mushaima's medical file to the family, Ali stated, adding that it is not clearly announcing the damage that reached his kidney and stomach.

Ali Mushaima stressed that there is no doubt that transferring his father to the hospital and allowing the family to communicate with him after years of suffering and negligence is an important development, but what is more important is the seriousness in treatment and transparency of information, adding that these two points remain ambiguous until now.

He concluded by saying that "We affirm that treatment is a right and so is freedom. The continued detention of my father, figures and opinion-makers is an unjust act. People of Bahrain won't kneel down."

It is to mention that results of the preliminary tests conducted to his father showed high level of blood sugar that reached 23Mmol/l and high blood pressure that reached 180/70. They also revealed that his heart muscle has been negatively affected by the high blood pressure.

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