Health of Haq Movement Leader Hasan Mushaima Severely Deteriorates, His Body is Collapsing

2021-07-27 - 4:16 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights activist Ali Mushaima, son of Haq Movement leader Hassan Mushaima who is sentenced to life imprisonment, said that the preliminary results of tests conducted on his father showed a serious deterioration in his health.

Ali Mushaima said via his Twitter account "Some of the results after one week of my father being hospitalized: High level of blood sugar reached 23Mmol/l, high blood pressure reached 180/70, some negative effect on his heart muscles."

"He has been told that his kidney has been effected but they have not yet clarified the extent of the level," he added. Ali Mushaima indicated that his father suffers a sharp pain in his knees forcing him to spend most of his day in bed.

Ali Mushaima said that his father is waiting for detailed medical checkups, testing, and proper medical treatment for these problems and others like: prostate, hearing, allergies, and others.

"As a family we don't know the doctor, and we don't have access to his health file. We only get oral and succinct information," he explained.

"We demand his freedom from his unjust imprisonment which caused him to have all these medical complications."

Haq Movement leader Hassan Mushaima described what the authorities are practicing against him as a "slow death".

Mushaima said in a call earlier this month that he has not received treatment for his health problems sine six months, noting that he has to take painkillers that also affect his stomach. "My diseases are increasing and I am old, and of course this means death," Hassan Mushaima said. "I consider that my body is collapsing."

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