A Prisoner to Bahrain Mirror: Jaw Prison Authorities Stopped Coronavirus Testing to Hide Reality of Situation in Ward 10

Jaw Prison
Jaw Prison

2021-07-01 - 1:59 ص

Bahrain Mirror: A political prisoner said in a message he gave Bahrain Mirror that the prison authorities have permanently stopped running Coronavirus tests to cover up what has been happening, even though it is the ward in which the virus has spread the most, with more than 100 cases.

The prisoner added, in a phone call to his family, who carried his message to Bahrain Mirror, that prisoners in Ward 10 were deprived of their daily hour of exercise and sun exposure, and prisoners are being confined to their cells for 24 hours.

"To avoid body humidity and fear of skin diseases, prisoners are forced to cling to windows to get sunlight," he noted.

He further described what's happening in the ward as "collective punishment depriving them of communicating with their families, and those allowed, who are just a few, are only able to call after a long delay."


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