Bahrain in Urgent Need for Major Political Project: Al-Wefaq

2021-06-25 - 8:53 م

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said that the crisis Bahrain witnessed in 2011 after the eruption of the popular movement and similar experiences that have taken place previously had a specific aim which is reaching a major political project by building a just and democratic country where people are the source of all powers.

The Society stressed in a statement on Monday (June 21, 2021) that this demand came as a necessity and an urgent need that cannot be abandoned because the country is falling back, lacking stability and trust and becoming a weak state, all in favor of corruption, marginalization, absence of law, fragility of the infrastructure of the political system and the unilateral decision making with regards to the country's wealth, power and all its capabilities. This is no longer accepted.

We confirm in the context of the urgent need to an inclusive and radical political reform the following:

1-      People of Bahrain suffer from comprehensive and systematic discrimination, which has rendered Bahrainis worthless citizens who have no role or opinion in managing the affairs of their country. Thus, the role of a citizen became bearing the mistakes and corruption of those in power. Citizens have to pay taxes from their own pockets to cover the corruption and incompetence [of people in power]. The citizen is the core of the government and it is not acceptable to keep the citizen marginalized.

2-      The authorities adopt all means of oppression. It silences people and besieges them when it comes to their livelihoods, security and services in order to prevent them from exercising their right to criticize and hold the authorities accountable. This medieval approach is no longer acceptable and does not correspond to this time.

Freedoms in general are prohibited. There is no freedom of political opinion, assembly or protest. Religious freedoms, and freedom of thinking are banned. This proves that Bahrain needs a democratic system that respects the dignity of citizens and their humanity and gives them their basic right in choosing their representatives in the government and Parliament.

3-      After years of economic and financial issues and after venture capitalists fled losing confidence in the economic environment in Bahrain and the destabilization of citizens' confidence in the Bahraini market, and after the authorities stopped increasing salaries and incomes declined, it is evident that the authorities are the reason for the decrease in the index of rising income and economic growth and that they don't have the national competence to find a solution for this crisis. Money is being wasted om the security sector and unnecessary projects, while citizens resort to raising funds for treatment, education and helping the less fortunate because they have lost confidence in the authorities. All of this confirms the need for a political project that will put the country back on track.

4-      The regime's confusion at the diplomatic and relations levels and association with different issues and conflicts did not stop until the country became a burden on others after it lost the ability to make any economic, political, security or diplomatic decision unless it was in accordance with other interests and not Bahrain's interests.

5-      The constitutional institutions in Bahrain, the legislative and judicial institutions mainly, have turned into weak, unstable and distrustful cantons, which have full awareness that they are merely formal and led by the government. It has become clear to them that they are managed and employed by the black chambers.

6-      The regime in Bahrain decided, a long time ago, not to recognize the existence of people and citizens and worked hard not to build a proper social contract with the people of the country, and canceled from its dictionary anything related to dialogue and understanding with the citizens. Doing so, the regime declared disconnection and hostility with the people, and resorted to brutal force to impose itself and its decisions. This failing language doesn't build a nation, as the country can't be established by the isolation and marginalization of its citizens and by changing them into tools in the internal or external game.

7-      Bahrain needs a comprehensive political project based on political and societal consensus in which all citizens have equal rights and duties and everyone contributes to building their country through true political partnership and social justice, and provides real stability based on freedoms. This can be achieved through true democracy, separation of powers and building a state of equal citizenship.

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