Al-Wefaq Demands Real Action with Sheikh Al-Moqdad's Call

2021-06-14 - 7:09 م

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society demanded the authorities to take real action with call of Sheikh Abduljalil Al-Moqdad, who is serving a life term sentence, after his health deteriorated and after launching an appeal holding the authorities responsible for this.

Al-Wefaq stressed in a statement on Saturday (June 12, 2021) that Al-Moqdad's appeal is an unprecedented warning of a disaster.

The society demanded the authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Sheikh Al-Moqdad, the opposition leaders and all political prisoners who have been subjected to worst kinds of violations and torture.

It is to mention that Sheikh Abduljalil Al-Moqdad launched an appeal from his prison cell and said that he is being neglected to an extent of torture and that he holds the prison administration responsible for anything that happens to him, in reference to his deteriorating health situation inside the prison and not providing him with health care. 

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