Prisoners of Buildings 12 and 13 of Jaw Prison Cut off from World Since 2 Weeks Ago (ADHRB)

Jaw Central Prison
Jaw Central Prison

2021-04-16 - 6:05 م

Bahrain Mirror: A human rights organization said that there is disturbing news of contact cut for more than two weeks in a row with the prisoners of Buildings 12 and 13, and 14 in Jaw Prison.

"One week after authorities cut contact between prisoners and their families, relatives of prisoners in Building 12 are particularly concerned. The virus outbreak, denial of health care, and lack of transparency make this incredibly serious," stressed Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) on their official Twitter page.

ADHRB went on to say that the families of prisoners are being deprived of their most basic rights amid the overwhelming concern over the virus outbreak in the prison and the lack of transparency from the Ministry of Interior regarding this issue.

The rights organization highlighted that the families have expressed their overwhelming concern about the continued lost contact with their family members in those buildings without any explanation from the prison administration, which makes the fate of political prisoners unknown in light of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

ADHRB urged the prison administration to disclose the prisoners' health situations, take measures to prevent further infections, and release all political prisoners unconditionally.


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