Abdullah Hashem Mourns Wahid Al-Dosari: ​​He Couldn't Handle Shock of Prison, He Remained Depressed During his Prison Time

Lawyer Abdullah Hashem
Lawyer Abdullah Hashem

2021-04-10 - 3:06 م

Bahrain Mirror: Lawyer Abdullah Hashem mourned, via his account on Twitter, the late president of the Bahrain Fishermen Society, Wahid Al-Dosari.

Hashem described late Al-Dosari as, "someone dear, who was involved in public affairs and loved to do good. He was good company and had a beautiful spirit that brought everyone joy."

He went on to say that "his positions and orientations were in line with the government and despite that, what had happened happened to him. He did not understand what was happening as a result of the shock and remained depressed throughout his imprisonment and beyond that."

It is noteworthy that Wahid Al-Dosari died late Tuesday (April 6, 2021). Al-Dossari was shocked when he was handed down a five-year prison sentence for receiving money from a former Qatari minister to fund his election campaign. As a result of the shock and harsh conditions inside prison, Al-Dosari became ill and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for treatment for a period of time, after which the implementation of his sentence was suspended due to his illness. He did not survive long outside prison, as he passed away only about a year after his release.

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