Sayed Kamel Al-Hashemi Released under Alternative Penalty Law

2021-04-10 - 3:34 م

Bahrain Mirror: The security authorities in Bahrain released Friday evening (April 9, 2021) Sayed Kamel Al-Hashemi, who was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, of which he had served more than two and a half years.

A court had sentenced the Shiite cleric in 2016 to three years in prison, but he began serving the sentence in 2018, after he was arrested during Ashura season of 2018, after he had posted a comment on his Instagram account criticizing the government for arresting preachers.

The Second High Criminal Court of Appeal had sentenced him to a 3-year prison term over charges of "insulting the King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa in a Friday sermon at a mosque in Barbar and at a Matam (Shia congregation hall) in Bani Jamra" and "inciting hatred against a certain sect." The court sentenced him to two years in prison for the first charge and one year for the second.

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