Ayatollah Qassim: European Parliament Testimony on HR Issue in Bahrain Leaves No Excuse for Gov't Not to Correct Situation

2021-03-18 - 8:22 م

Bahrain Mirror: The European Parliament's testimony by a majority close to a consensus on human rights violation committed by the Bahraini government is one of the world's testimonies on this reality of the matter, which leaves no excuse for the government to evade its responsibility in correcting the situation," Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim tweeted on Wednesday (March 17, 2021).

He added "The US and Europe are friends of the ruling regime in Bahrain, so what will this regime do with the testimony of its friend the US and the European Parliament stating that the persecution practiced against the Bahraini people cannot be tolerated, a testimony of a friend against a friend."

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