Photos: Protests Staged across Bahrain on 10th Anniversary of Feb. 14 Uprising amid Security Restrictions

2021-02-15 - 8:10 م

Bahrain Mirror: Marking the 10th anniversary of the February 14 uprising which started in 2011, citizens renewed their demands for freedom and democracy on Sunday night (February 14, 2021).

Various protests were staged in a number of Bahraini areas amid intense security deployment.

Citizens raised photos for detained political leaders and political prisoners. They also chanted slogans calling for national unity and reiterated demands for radical political reform to solve the country's intractable problems.

Demonstrations were staged in a number of areas, including Manama.

Activists posted photos for the demonstrations on social media outlets. Meanwhile, riot police forces deployed near the entrances of the areas.

Before the 10th anniversary, Ministry of Interior forces deployed reinforcements in front of some areas and on highways in order not to be cut off by demonstrators.

"Ten years after Bahrain's popular uprising, systemic injustice has intensified and political repression have effectively shut any space for the peaceful exercise of the right to freedom of expression or peaceful activism," said Amnesty International in a statement.


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