Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim: Normalizers Disowned their Nation

2020-12-06 - 4:26 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim said "it was clear since the beginning that the results of normalization with the Zionist entity would be disastrous."

In a statement on normalization, Sheikh Isa Qassim explained that "the humiliation of the normalizing regimes with the Zionist enemy appeared in a short period after signing the betrayal agreement."

"Normalizers disowned their nation and believed that their destiny is dependent on the US and Zionist will," he expressed.

The following is the statement:

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

No Patience to this Extent

It was clear, and the interpretation by the nation's free people was certain and early that normalization with the Zionist enemy would have dangerous and disastrous consequences, and its evil would be widespread on the peoples controlled by normalizing governments in particular and the rest of the nation's peoples as well.

These painful results have started to appear, quickly and successively.

The humiliation of the normalizing regimes before the Zionist enemy, which appeared forcefully in a short period after signing the instrument of shame and betrayal - which they seek to impose on the peoples - is one of these dire consequences. It is intended to kill the spirit of pride, honor, and independence in our nation, as well as faith in the spirit of guidance and leadership, and make it surrender to the leadership of an entity that is the worst enemy of God, the nation and humanity.

Very early, the race today has become very frantic between old and new normalizers. The competition is very serious about approaching and flattering the Zionist enemy, who is still committing sins, theft, and rape and insisting on hostility.

The competition is now for the practical demonstration of greater fidelity to the slavery related to normalization and the achievement of its goals, to which both the American Trump and the Zionist Netanyahu aspire. It is a competition in which the new normalizers are active, with an overwhelming desire to confirm the relationship with the enemy and document it, as if it were the most precious wish and the greatest booty that could not be lost.

These normalizers are racing for a more distinguished slave position at the Zionist enemy among other normalizers, to obtain more confidence.

There is a background, if not intellectual then psychological, for impulsively going through this dirty, humiliating and shameful - for those who can feel ashamed - competition, which is that the people have disowned their nation and believed that their destiny is dependent on the US and Zionist will, and that their fate is in their hands. They believe that the way which leads to the satisfaction of the US master is not separated from that of the Zionist entity in Palestine. The US government insists that the Israeli entity be the master of the region, the one who possesses the greatest power there, says the dominant word over its governments and peoples, and takes the decision that applies to everyone.

The people divorced their nation after they became hostile towards it, and they forgot the authority of God Almighty. They were preoccupied with remembering those who are unable to benefit or harm themselves or cause life, death, or resurrection, and are unable to use or keep what they own except if God gave them permission to do so.

Those who see that their entire existence is for the sake of the position and that they are nothing without their position, who think that their position will only be given to them through servitude to whom they see as the strongest and the dearest, find their servitude to the latter an easy matter, and they strive to show this servitude and devotion to him.

Hence, the sheltering of normalizers from competitors, near or far, in one country or more, in light of the mentality that originally led them to normalization, is the same as sheltering from the nation's dissidents who they see as enemies. This is accomplished by more submission and greater flattery to both the US and the Zionist entity, as who seeks to be the most fawning and submissive has the best chance of reaching the chair and its stability.

It is very dangerous that any president of a republic, king, prince, prime minister, or others in lower positions in the circle of normalizers feel the urgent need to compete in demonstrating loyalty to the Zionist entity to seek or maintain a position.

The first criterion for the master of the region and the leader of the normalization for the validity of the position in the department of normalizers, will not be the loyalty of the President, the King, or the Prime Minister, but being his proxy.

The words of a prince will not be heard by a prince, or a king by a king or a president, or a president by a king, and his order will not be obeyed except in one case, if his words were consistent with what the Zionist master, who is occupying Palestine, wants.

It is never expected that the nation's ordinary people, in addition to its elites, accept such humiliation and disgrace that contradicts its intellectual and psychological composition or to be patient regarding resisting them with unusual intensity, because there is no patience for what will cause the loss and fall of the nation to this extent.


Isa Ahmed Qassim

December 01, 2020

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