Bahrain Suffers Major and Unprecedented Collapse in Equal Citizenship Index: Al-Wefaq

2020-10-29 - 6:19 م

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society issued a statement commenting on a number of issues. It said that it dissects a number of key local, regional and international developments, and stresses the following points:

1. Al-Wefaq slams the insult to Allah's most honorable and greatest messenger, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), who constitutes a divine mercy to the worlds and whose teachings have established justice, peace and goodness for all mankind. Al-Wefaq demands a unified global position against the mounting prejudice and extremism against the status of all prophets and messengers, and avers the need to put an end to these insults and the dire incitement of blasphemous speech.

2. Al-Wefaq follows up on the Bahrain-US recent memorandum of understanding on combating Anti-Semitism. It considers this move little more than an attempt to cover up Bahrain's critical and deteriorating rights and political status quo in a bid to line the US officials' pockets whilst it denies the local urgent humanitarian, political and religious demands.

3. Regarding the extensive field study to examine the index of citizenship values in Bahrain that has been launched by The Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies (DERASAT), Al-Wefaq points out that the regime experiences an unprecedented collapse in the index of equal citizenship. This stresses the need of a comprehensive national project, and to avoid evading the deepening crisis resulted from the absence of a national government and the systematic sectarian approach to addressing Bahrain's local affairs.

4. Al-Wefaq applauds the high patriotic spirit and societal awareness that has significantly contributed to the decline in fresh Covid-19 cases. Tribute has been paid to the victims of COVID-19, wishing a speedy recovery for the infected. Al-Wefaq also emphasizes that citizens continue to take precautionary measures and accept greatest levels of responsibility.

5. Al-Wefaq hails the Bahrainis' widespread anti-normalization outrage, their relentless efforts to boycott all goods, projects and activities linked with the Zionist entity and their rejection of all sorts of economic, sports, media, and tourism normalization with the occupier. Al-Wefaq proclaims that the Bahraini national consensus is unified and unprecedented, and that is exactly what the anti-normalization project counts on.

6. Al-Wefaq follows up the back-to-school local confusion over reopening the schools, which has exposed the government's failing management policies and the lack of adequate preparation for the new year. Al-Wefaq stresses the students' need to work hard, persevere and overcome all the difficulties and obstacles, and appludes the distinguished sense of solidarity with low-income families to offer technical requirements of distance learning.

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