4 Senior Shiite Scholars in Bahrain: Successive Insults to Prophet Mohammad Reveal Reality of Tolerance and Religious Respect Slogans

2020-10-27 - 3:26 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Four senior Shiite scholars in Bahrain issued a statement condemning the repeated insults against Prophet Mohammad.

Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi, Sheikh Mohammad Saleh Al-Rabii, Sheikh Mohammad Al-Sanqour and Sheikh Mahmoud Al-A'ali issued a statement on Sunday (October 25, 2020).

The following is the full statement:

The successive offenses, by the advocates of freedom and human rights, against Prophet Mohammad, Peace be Upon him and to whom we shall sacrifice our lives, as much as they anger us, they increase our adherence to his guidance and path. Successive abuses give our children more awareness and insight into the reality of these traffickers of slogans of tolerance and respect for religions, and reveal their hatred towards Islam, its pioneer and people. Those who pretend that they care and protect freedom of belief are only deceitful, who aim at achieving their projects aimed at separating people from their religion, principles and values.

These abuses, although seeming to normal people that they fall outside the context of the slogan of freedom and respect for religions, fall in fact within the context of the objectives of raising this cunning slogan. They are aimed at feeding terrorism in order to further blackmail Muslims. Doing so, they are provoking simple Muslims to trap them in terrorism to prove then to their people and to the world that Muslims are the advocates of terrorism and that their religion is the sponsor of terrorism, thereby sending people away from the religion of Allah Almighty and adorning them with the approach they adopt, which is based on the decomposition and rejection of religions and not as they claim respecting religions.

Allah shall suffice you against them, and He is the All-hearing, the All-knowing (Al-Baqara, 137).

And evil schemes beset only their authors (Fatir, 43).

There is no power but with Allah, the Almighty.

 All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

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