Awal Centre Launches New Series of "Bahrain Documents" Classified according to Specific Topics

2020-10-05 - 12:38 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Awal Centre for Studies and Documentation launched on Friday (October 2, 2020), a new series of Bahrain documents in the British archives classified according to specific topics, "to help researchers access the British archives more quickly."

The series contains five books, each of which holds documents related to the subject of the book.

The series presents thousands of documents relating to the history of Bahrain (1820-1971) according to topics including: Pearls, Bahrain Order in Council, 1923 Reforms and Manama Port.

Last year, Awal Centre launched six volumes containing a large number of documents related to Bahrain in the British archives, translated into Arabic. The documents house numerous footnotes added by the Centre most of which were to identify characters, tribes, ships, places, incidents, events and more.

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