Awal Centre Launches Podcast about Bahrain's History

2020-09-30 - 2:41 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Awal Centre for Studies and Documentation has launched (Awal podcast) on the soundcloud platform, which will be specialize in providing the cultural and historical content of Bahrain and the Gulf, and will be interested in presenting historical books about Bahrain, biographies and events of its men.

The first episode of (Awal Podcast) was published and it tackled "Mansour Al-Orayed, History of a Homeland" book by the critic Ali Ahmed Al-Dairy.

The center aims to provide audio content about all issues relevant to Bahrain's history, as there is a significant shortage in this field. It will also shed the light on the newly published books in particular, and raise debate about them.

Awal Centre hopes that (Awal Podcast) will be an encouraging factor for writers and authors, and that it will stimulate discussions about Bahrain's political and cultural history.

You can see the contents of (Awal Podcast) via soundcloud application or through this link. You can also listen to Mansour Al-Orayed episode on this link. 

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