Political Jaw Prisoner in Danger, Officer Al-Zayani Broke both his Arms, Severely Beat him

2020-09-15 - 10:16 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Private sources confirmed that the person in charge in Jaw Central Prison, officer Hashem Al-Zayani, broke the hands of political prisoner, Ali Al-Wazir. Eyewitnesses stressed that they saw the prisoner in a very bad health condition due to the beating and torture he was subjected to at Al-Zayani's hands.

On 9th Muharram (August 29), Al-Wazir was transferred to the solitary confinement to an unknown place due to an altercation and conflict with a policeman of Yemeni roots. Sheikh Zuheir Ashour was also transferred to solitary confinement after accusing him of inciting Al-Wazir to hit the policeman. However, few days later, he was returned to the building specified for isolating a number of prisoners.

No news were reported about Al-Wazir since then. He was completely isolated from the outside world. Neither his family nor other prisoners were able to get any information about him since then.

Five political prisoners are suffering after being isolated and harassed in retaliation for taking part in a protest few weeks ago by not calling their families from the prison due to demanding allowing them to perform rituals.

The isolated prisoners are: Sheikh Zuheir Ashour, Mohammad Serhan, Mohammad Fakhrawi, Ali Al-Wazir and Sadiq Al-Ghasra.

After Ali Al-Wazir was transferred to an unknown destination, the four prisoners have been living in tragic circumstances as the state security agency took over the mission of guarding building 15, which was designated for their isolation. They are not allowed to talk to each other after each prisoner has been placed in a cell with two non-Arabic-speaking foreigners, with their hands and legs cuffed in case any of them is taken out of the cell.

هشام ابن أبيه

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