Iran Denounces Normalization Agreement, Considers Bahrain's Rulers Partners in Israel's Crimes

2020-09-13 - 12:57 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatib Zadeh condemned Bahrain's decision to normalize relations with Israel, describing the move as disgraceful and a betrayal of the Palestinian people, considering that it makes the rulers of the Gulf kingdom "partners in the crimes of the Zionist regime."

Khatibzadeh said that Bahrain sacrifices the Palestinian cause and the struggle of the Palestinian people for several decades, and this step will remain in the memory of the Palestinian people and free peoples in the world forever, as he put it.

He added that Bahrain's resorting to Israel is "a fundamental mistake, and it was done with the aim of influencing the American elections."

He stressed that the rulers of Bahrain, after normalization with Israel, "which considers a permanent threat to the security of the region and the world, have become partners in its crimes in the region and the Islamic world."

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman warned that Bahrain and the rest of the countries that normalized their relations with Israel should realize that they bear the repercussions of any Israeli move that leads to insecurity in the Gulf waters.

US President Donald Trump was the first to announce the agreement between Bahrain and Israel on Friday, speaking of their reaching a "peace agreement" and a "new historic breakthrough."

"The two countries will exchange embassies and ambassadors, and they will start direct flights and launch cooperation initiatives in a wide range of fields, including health, trade, technology, education, security and agriculture," he said.

Bahrain said in a joint statement with Israel and the United States that it agreed to sign the agreement with Israel at a ceremony to be held Tuesday at the White House, in conjunction with the United Arab Emirates' signing of an agreement to normalize its relations with Israel as well.

Tehran considered that "the oppressed Palestinian people and the free Muslims in the world will reject normalization and establishing relations with the usurping Zionist entity, and therefore this shameful measure will remain in the memory of the oppressed Palestinian people and the free peoples of the world forever."

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