Bahrain Opposes Palestinian Request to Include "Rejection of Normalization" Clause in Arab League

2020-09-04 - 3:52 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Mayadeen Channel quoted diplomatic sources as saying that Bahrain objected to a Palestinian request to put the clause of rejecting normalization on the sidelines of the Arab League agenda. It even threatened Palestine that it would put a clause on its part to support normalization and encourage the "Deal of the Century".

"There are Arab countries that prevent Palestine from discussing or condemning the Israeli-UAE normalization step," Al-Mayadeen said, quoting its sources, noting that "some countries are exercising arrogance and threats against Palestine through their influence and support of rich countries."

The sources pointed out that what is happening in the Arab League is a fierce battle taking place in secret, adding that "Palestine is fighting against attempts to silence it and prevent it from rejecting normalization."

"A Palestinian request for an emergency meeting of the League to announce rejecting the Emirati normalization was rejected due to Bahrain's objection," the sources told Al-Mayadeen.

"Palestine has demanded to put "rejection of normalization" clause on the sidelines of the regular session scheduled for September 9," the same sources reported.

They added "Bahrain rejected the Palestinian request to put the clause of rejection of normalization on the sidelines of the regular session," stressing that "Bahrain has threatened Palestine that it will put a clause on its side to support normalization and encourage the deal of the century."

Meanwhile, the sources said that "some Arab countries are trying to seize the Palestinian decision and include it in the Deal of the Century under duress," noting that "the goal is to open the door for Israel to act freely in the Arab capitals, without mentioning Palestine."

Israeli media quoted an Israeli source as saying that Bahrain is expected to "soon announce normalization of relations with Israel."

The trend of this monarchy in the Gulf was to announce this step after the celebration of normalization with the UAE at the White House, Gili Cohen, political commentator in Kann Channel, noted.

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