Al-Wefaq Warns Manama Authorities from Following UAE Approach in Normalization

2020-08-18 - 3:53 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society called on not to follow the Emirati approach in normalization with Israel and urged the UAE state to cancel its discordant stance that is contrary to the consensus of its people and the Islamic and Arab peoples.

"Rushing to normalize relations with the Zionist enemy is a betrayal of the nation, a major decline from human principles and commitments and Islamic and national values, a withdrawal from the Arab consensus, a dangerous establishment of a future that is unstable and immersed in dependency, and a handover of our countries to the new colonizer, who knows nothing but the language of treachery, abuse and conspiracy," it said in a statement on Saturday (August 15, 2020).

We call on the government of the sisterly United Arab Emirates to cancel its discordant stance that is contrary to the consensus of its people and the Islamic and Arab peoples.

It added "Various media outlets reported the name of the Kingdom of Bahrain as another country that would rush to conclude an agreement on betraying the Palestinian cause with the usurper Zionist entity. However, betraying the nation and selling its first cause, the cause of occupied Palestine and Holy Jerusalem, is not an issue amenable to viewpoints or various opinions, but rather it is a decisive line between good and evil, between sovereignty and subordination and between humanity and brutality and terrorism, and they can never meet."

"Choosing to declare subservience to the Zionists constitutes a strategic shift by the party that is working to carry out this crime, and it is a shift that does not concern Bahrain or Bahrainis at all. It also constitutes a betrayal of Bahrain and its every grain of sand before it is a betrayal of Palestine, Islam and Arabism."

Al-Wefaq further added "Anyone who tries to describe the subservience to the usurping entity as a peace agreement, is lying, deceiving and fooling others; none of that needs agreements, arrangements, or any kind of relationship between Bahrain and the Zionists."

"There is nothing in the interest of the Palestinian cause that calls for the use of the lie of peace with a killer and usurper enemy, and nothing at all encourages these steps, which are irrational and contradict the simplest foundations of religion, patriotism, state building, stability, respect for human values and world peace."

We announce, and bet, that our Bahraini people, with all their components, are decisive about their choice until the end, which is categorically rejecting normalization in all its forms, levels and types, and anything affecting this is a blatant violation of Bahrain's sovereignty and is not legitimate at all.

Al-Wefaq concluded by saying that "We shout in the face of all normalizers and conspirators that they have no legitimacy to sign any agreement to betray Bahrain and its Arabism, Islam, history, stances and all components, and that the rejection of and confrontation with this project has no end."

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