Editorial: Why do You Want Ashura Commemoration to be an Issue of Conflict?

2020-08-15 - 7:33 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Questions that need to be answered: Why is this incomprehensible insistence on preventing religious activities? Why is there this serious threat to the administrators of obsequies and Husseiniyas? Why is the media being used to incite as well as underestimate people's religious dignity? Why do you want to drag people to conflict?

What is the reason behind resorting to the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, which does not have legal or religious authority to decide on an issue such as the commemoration of Muharram? Why did you ask your bought journalists to write against the commemoration of Imam Hussein's (PBUH) martyrdom? Why are you taking advantage of an issue like the Coronavirus epidemic, a health issue that all humanity is now experiencing? Why are you using it to impose more repressive security measures?

On May 9, Al-Wefaq issued a statement saying that "the priority today is to confront this epidemic, join forces and direct efforts towards addressing the epidemic and maintaining the safety and health of our compatriots and taking care of their affairs."

It is clear that this is a calming statement which gives the country a pause from the severe political crisis that has been ongoing since 2011. However, it seems that the authorities do not want to put an end to their hostility with the opposition and its social environment.

What do the authorities want from Shiite citizens? Most prominent human rights organizations testify that Shiites are deprived of their most basic rights, their sons were imprisoned and their women attacked. The authorities have been very brutal with them, what do they want from them? Why do the authorities insist on attacking their religious dignity and considering them "nothing"? Why do they employ all their institutions and media against them? Whom do they want to please?

The Ministry of Interior's actions, the state of emergency, summonses and the mobilization of official media all come to stand in the face of religious ceremonies, which citizens said they want to commemorate after the government decided to reopen the country for economic, commercial and sports activity, while the airport opened as well. So why are mosques and Husseiniyas still prevented from resuming their activities?

Why don't you ask the health authorities to develop a health protocol and procedures which mosques and Husseiniyas can abide by, as you have done with other sectors? Why are you looking for a conflict that no one even wants?

Why don't you believe in the political mind instead of security repression, why don't you communicate and talk instead of leaving things in the hands of the security officers?

Finally, why don't you apply Article 22 of the Constitution, which says: "Freedom of conscience is absolute. The State guarantees the inviolability of worship, and the freedom to perform religious rites and hold religious parades and meetings in accordance with the customs observed in the country"?

It is not in the name of Corona that you are forbidding Husseini rituals, and repressing religious freedoms, but rather the Corona of tyranny from which the regime does not want to recover.

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