Bahraini People Stand in Solidarity with Lebanese People, Regime Loyalists Lack Respect and Humanity: Beirut Blast

2020-08-07 - 10:45 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Millions of people around the world are still traumatized by the tragic explosion that rocked the Lebanese capital of Beirut on Wednesday, August 4, 2020.

The explosion has so far left more than 135 victims and 5,000 injured. This explosion is considered the deadliest in the world since the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs exploded after World War II, which reflects a clear picture of the size of the human tragedy the accident left.

Because the explosion occurred in Lebanon, Arab solidarity had to precede any international solidarity. Qatar and Kuwait announced since the early hours of the explosion that emergency aid was being sent to Lebanon. Despite its sufferings, Iraq has announced sending medical and oil aid to Lebanon.

However, the Saudi, Emirati and Bahraini stances were not so memorable, as they only wrote poor statements of solidarity. On the popular level in Bahrain, opposition societies showed solidarity with Lebanon amid the absence of any statement from loyalist parties and the House of Representatives. Meanwhile, the appointed Shura Council withdrew a statement of solidarity from the media after it was published.

While the Lebanese were removing the bodies of the victims and trying to treat the injured, the media in these countries were inciting against Hezbollah and talking about an alleged arms depot causing the disaster.

Loyalists in Bahrain immediately received these signals, as Faisal Foladh (President of GONGO Bahrain, whose only goal since 2011 was to whitewash Bahrain's black human rights record, demonize the opposition and accuse it of terrorism) posted a poorely photoshopped image of the explosion, and a black turban above the blast, referring to Hezbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, and wrote on the photo (we know you).

Former Bahraini Foreign Minister Khalid Al Khalifa tweeted "God be in the aid of the patient Lebanese people. May God bless the deceased and heal the injured." A few hours later, he received instructions and then tweeted "Lebanon breathes despite the gangs' suffocations. Lebanon is steadfast, even if it is on its knees. It is beautiful patience; they see it far away and we see it soon."

Sawsan Al-Shaer, who speaks on behalf of the Royal Court, moved to another level of investment in the incident. She wrote "Have mercy on Lebanon. You easily killed it a thousand times. How many dead you want to see to quench your thirst. May God curse Iran and its servants. They destroyed the most beautiful Arab country, Beirut." She continued her attack against the opposition in Bahrain, and wrote "If it was not for the vigilance of the security men in Bahrain and the kindness of God, we would have been exposed to the same incident as Beirut, because the storage of explosives in dangerous residential areas is usually an Iranian habit, as long as the victims are Arabs, even if they are Shiites." Al-Shaer posted an alleged video of the Bahraini Interior Ministry discovering a warehouse of explosives and weapons in Nuwaidrat years ago.

In order not to appear lagging behind Qatar, Kuwait and Iran, the UAE sent aid to Lebanon, but this was followed by a tweet by the Emirati writer Yacoub Al-Raisi, who wrote "The homeland of humanity UAE, as usual, sent a presidential plane containing medical supplies and food to Lebanon to relieve the Iranian treachery. May my country be always supportive to the needy people."

After the UAE sent aid to Lebanon, the King of Bahrain announced the dispatch of relief aid to Lebanon, whose nature and size are not yet known, entrusting the mission to the Royal Humanitarian Foundation, headed by his son Nasser bin Hamad.

Unfortunately, this aid is no longer humanitarian aid, as it has been transformed into an insult due to the accompanying incitement, insults and political investment.

We hope that our brotherly Lebanese people forgive us, as they are aware of our love for them and Lebanon. They know that the regime, with its insulters and inciters, do not represent the people of Bahrain at all, and that the regime that has no humanity in dealing with its citizens will not suddenly show morality and humanity in dealing with others.

We wish mercy upon the martyrs and speedy recovery for the injured.

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