Al-Wefaq Shows Solidarity with Lebanon: Pain and Grieve Sincerely Felt by Bahrainis

2020-08-06 - 7:12 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society of Bahrain expressed its full solidarity and support for the Lebanese country and people, after the earthquake caused by the Beirut Port explosion that occurred on Tuesday evening, August 4, 2020.

Al-Wefaq said that the sadness and the pain were sincerely felt by the Bahrainis as they were felt by the Lebanese. The society added that sympathy and solidarity were truly expressed by Arabs and Muslims, as sadness and grief were felt by all the peoples of the Arab and Islamic world due to what happened in the Pearl of the Middle East, Lebanon.

The society emphasized that Lebanon, despite all the pressures and dangers surrounding it, is a vital and important model in the region with its mosaics, diversity, freedoms, democracy, resistance, and different religious, social, political and cultural components.

Al-Wefaq called on the entire world, and the Arab world in particular, to show great solidarity for Lebanon and its people by all possible means.

Al-Wefaq wished mercy to all the martyrs and recovery to the injured. The society hoped that Lebanon becomes stronger than it was.

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