Saudi Arabia Reopens King Fahd Causeway and Border Crossings for Citizens Returning to Country

2020-07-25 - 10:53 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Saudi Embassy in Bahrain announced the reopening of border crossings (July 23, 2020) for the return of Saudi citizens and their family members without requesting prior permission, noting that Saudis coming to Bahrain through the airport will be subject to a 10-day quarantine period.

The Saudi embassy in Bahrain published a tweet in which it said: "Starting today, the embassy in Manama would like to announce that Saudi citizens in the Kingdom of Bahrain who wish to return to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can return via King Fahd Causeway without prior permission, while taking the precautionary measures adopted in the Kingdom. We wish everyone a safe return",

The embassy in Bahrain noted in a separate tweet it "would like to inform Saudi citizens coming to the Kingdom of Bahrain through Bahrain International Airport (transit) that the precautionary measures in force in the Kingdom of Bahrain will be implemented, including quarantine (for a period of 10 days)".


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