Bahraini Foreign Ministry Says Statements Slamming Death Sentences of Mohammad Ramadan and Hussain Moosa "Biased and Inaccurate"

2020-07-19 - 7:07 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the statements issued by a number of organizations "without naming them," criticizing the recent death sentences issued by the Court of Cassation against Mohammad Ramadan and Hussain Moosa.

In its statement, the Foreign Ministry claimed that the criticisms leveled against Bahrain were "biased, inaccurate and came from groups that systematically spread false information and negative propaganda about the Kingdom of Bahrain."

The Foreign Ministry claimed that Bahrain adheres to legal norms and practices consistent with international law as well as human rights principles, noting that Bahraini courts "safeguard all guarantees for defendants during all stages of trial."

With regard to the case, the Ministry said that it was seen by "fifteen judges in several courts over a period of 6 years in which the legitimacy of the evidence against the two convicts was examined, and thereafter their responsibility for what they were charged with was proven."

As for the implementation of the death penalty, it stressed that this is rare in Bahrain and that "it is carried out in relation to very serious crimes, which is not inconsistent with international human rights law," despite the fact that Bahrain has executed five Bahrainis for political reasons in the past few years.

Addressing calls for abolishing the death penalty, the Foreign Ministry said that "if the countries of the world, especially Islamic countries, agree to take a stand to review or abolish this penalty, it will seriously consider dealing with this matter."


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