Al-Wefaq: British Ambassador's Statements Present false Image, Contrary to Reality

2020-07-01 - 6:12 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said that the statements of the British ambassador contain some false information and a change of facts. "The statement attributed to the British ambassador contains information that is contrary to the truth, contradicts the Bahraini reality and presents a false picture of what is happening on the ground."

Commenting on the British ambassador's statements, Al-Wefaq said in a statement on (Tuesday, June 30, 2020) that it was surprised by the talk about religious freedoms in a country that treats a fundamental part of its people, who are relentlessly and systematically targeted, in the worst and most regressive way, adding that this cannot be denied by a sane or fair person.

Al-Wefaq stressed that the deception of the presence of freedoms related to some of the respectable and dear minorities in Bahrain, while there is an intense war and systematic discrimination against a fundamental part of the people, represents a major crime, for which a large percentage of Bahrainis pay the price in an ugly and brutal manner.

The society affirmed that because of religious beliefs, an essential part of Bahrainis is subjected to continuous persecution, expulsion, marginalization, assault and terrorization in all aspects of life, including practicing religious rituals and beliefs, and even in general life affairs in Bahrain, and is denied the right to equal citizenship.

It stressed that the Bahraini citizen is deprived of his political and civil rights and his right to a normal life, scholarships, employment, curricula, official media, and jobs in security and military institutions and important and unimportant institutions because of their religious beliefs.

It added that the Bahraini citizen is deprived of owning properties in certain areas and even of carrying out certain tasks or activities as well as many other things because of their beliefs. The society also said that work is being done to obliterate the identity of the citizen, who is subject to bullying and contempt by some government agencies and individuals with open official protection and cover.

In addition, Al-Wefaq emphasized that prisons are overcrowded with political prisoners, indicating that raids and brutal torture have not stopped, and vengeance trials, which are all based on sectarian persecution, are unparalleled. The society added that whoever tries to escape or close their eyes to what is going on cannot hide the truth by contributing to the systematic crime committed by the regime.

Al-Wefaq said, "We call on the members of the diplomatic corps in Bahrain, whom we appreciate and respect and consider our guests in our country, to look at the truth impartially and away from pressures, special interests and fraud, and away from the regime's bribery and practice of the role of the supporter or coverer of human rights violations."

The society affirmed the lack of freedom of expression, assembly, peaceful protest, association, thought, conscience, press, and internet, adding that Bahrain has become a large prison, and working on polishing the image through circumventive methods is pointless and harmful to Bahrain.

Al-Wefaq denied the existence of independent bodies or institutions, stressing that the authorities are not independent and all the existing institutions and committees are directly affiliated with the regime and its decision, and that no one can decide anything at all levels, even minor issues.

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