60 MEPs Demand King of Bahrain to Release All Political Prisoners

2020-06-21 - 4:55 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Sixty members of the European Parliament members sent a letter to the King of Bahrain demanding the release of political detainees in Bahrain. Meanwhile, a British MP signed a petition warning about the imminent execution of two activists.

The MEPs expressed serious concerns about the prisoners, including two European nationals, remaining in Bahraini prisons.

They warned against the outbreak of Coronavirus inside the prisons. The MEPs said that precautionary measures, such as social distancing are practically impossible to implement due to overcrowding, stressing that a number of political prisoners complained to their families about the lack of adherence by prison guards to health procedures and expressed concern about their health status.

On the plus side, Scottish National Party MP Brendan O'Hara signed a petition expressing fear about the imminent execution of Zuheir Jassim Abduallah and Hussein Abdullah Rashid.

He noted that three UN experts documented due process violations against 20 individuals in December 2018, including acts of torture over a 13 day period against Zuheir.

The MP called on the UK government to unreservedly condemn these sentences and asked the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to its influence with the Bahraini authorities to seek an immediate communication of these sentences.

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