These are the Alternative Punishments Nabeel Rajab may Serve

2020-06-10 - 3:50 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Nabeel Rajab's lawyer said that it is unclear what the alternative punishment would be for Rajab.

Lawyer Mohammed Al-Jishi explained in a conversation with "France 24" on Tuesday (June 9, 2020) that "the decision to release Rajab was based on a court order from the executive judge and his approval of the request to replace the remaining sentence to the human rights activist with an alternative action related to community service."


Law No. (18) for the year 2017 on penalties and alternative measures in Bahrain stipulates 7 types of punishments in which the judge can issue instead of the main punishments. Meanwhile, article (2) of this law specified these penalties as follows: a) Community service; b) House arrest in a specified location; c) Prohibition from accessing a specified place or places; d) Pledging not to contact certain persons or entities; e) Being subject to electronic surveillance; f) Attending rehabilitation and training programs; g) Repairing the damage caused by the crime.

In the same context, Nabeel Rajab's family said "We ask everyone to understand the difficult health situation that the country and the world are going through with the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, given Nabeel's suffering from severe immune impairment, which makes him vulnerable to the contraction of the virus, and threat to his life. We apologize to all brothers and sisters, who wish to welcome him and congratulate him for his release, [which won't be possible] until further notice."

The family explained that "Nabeel Rajab will have a phone number, through which all family and friends can contact him to congratulate him on his release taking into account the circumstances and that he is still subject to the alternative penal code. The phone number will be announced later."

Human Rights Watch welcomed Nabeel Rajab's release. Meanwhile, Amnesty commented saying "Rajab should not have been imprisoned in the first place and we call on the authorities to drop all charges against him and to release all peaceful activists."

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