Al-Wefaq Calls People to Commit to Measures that Limit Spread of COVID-19

2020-06-08 - 10:53 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society called on all the people to start a new, more careful, determined and committed round to stop the spread of the pandemic in the society.

In its statement to the Bahrainis, Al-Wefaq said, "To all our dear people in Bahrain, in various governorates and regions, from Muharraq to the Capital, and from the Northern Governorate to the Southern Governorate, we ask all of you to preserve and protect yourselves and stop all that contributes to the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic."

Al-Wefaq stressed the necessity to follow all medical guidelines, health precautions and the directives of all those concerned, in a manner that achieves containment and blockade of the pandemic.

It affirmed that commitment is a religious, moral, national and human duty, and that the latest figures show that there is no room for slacking, carelessness or neglect, adding that this is unacceptable and violates religion, human values and public health.

The society called on the official authorities to work hard, be fully transparent and make the safety of citizens a top priority above all economic or other considerations.

Al-Wefaq saluted the efforts and stances of the distinguished scholars, the faithful medical staff, civil society institutions, and all those working, seeking, and acting to help and support people in facing the pandemic and its various ramifications.

Al-Wefaq prayed for all the injured to recover and return to their homeland and hoped that the large Bahraini family be safe, healthy and well, and asked God to have mercy on the deceased, bless them and relieve their families.