Bahraini Dissident: Saudi Arabia Angry at Bahrain due to Oil Minister's Statements

2020-05-19 - 7:08 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The National Oil and Gas Authority issued a statement in which it denied what the Al-Ayyam newspaper published on the behalf of the Oil's Ministry Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa regarding the oil discovery in the recently discovered block 4 in the Gulf of Bahrain.

The authority said in its denial statement that it wants to "confirm that there are no new oil discoveries in block 4 located in the Gulf of Bahrain". It noted that the experimental well was drilled in the Gulf of Bahrain in cooperation with Halliburton and began to flow last year, and will be added to production systems soon. It added that work is under way to provide data and information from the Petroleum Development Company to encourage international oil companies to invest in exploration and production.

For his part, London-based former MP Jalal Fairooz, said that "Saudi Arabia is angry at the statement of the Bahraini Oil Minister, which forced the Bahraini authorities to issue this notice, noting that Saudi Arabia does not allow Bahrain to conduct any surveys in the Gulf of Bahrain located in the north and west of the country, which is an abuse against Bahrain."

The Oil Minister was speaking the other day during a panel discussion with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in the presence of media representatives.

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