Who's the Bahrain Team Managing Fight against Coronavirus Pandemic? Examples on Chaos in Management

2020-05-19 - 3:23 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Is there a team called #Bahrain_Team that manages the Coronavirus pandemic that is burdening the world, or is there multiple teams in the country, each dealing with the pandemic as they please.

Who will contain the spread of COVID-19 virus among migrant workers? Who decided to use the police force to distribute Iftar meals in the capital Manama in a foolish way criticized by citizens, and who is complying with the instructions issued by the health authorities?

Who decided to continue to harass the Shia community, who for the first time did not gather to commemorate a paramount religious event such as the martyrdom of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib? Who decided to give the Interior Ministry the red light to summon the heads of obsequies and some mosques only for using speakers to commemorate this occasion, or recite the Holy Quran? What does the social distancing procedure have to do with speakers? 

Nasser bin Hamad, the king's favorite son, raised an estimated $100 million. Everyone expected that he would hand the money over to the government to be spent in the way it deems beneficial, and to help the state's budget, but it turned out that he himself is the government and decided to use the money and spend it in his own way.

The crowded iftar meals supervised by the Ministry of Interior in the capital Manama were one of Nasser bin Hamad's projects, who went on to carry out a project of sending a team of royal guards, which he heads, to climb the Himalayas to reach the Mount Everest Summit, noting that the cost for sending each member amounts to $11,000. According to an official statement, the team will stay there for a full period of 8 months.

Meanwhile, photos showed the recklessness of Minister of Youth and Sports Ayman Al-Moayyad in non-compliance with all measures. He, and his entourage, appeared in "Al-Sariya" television show, supported by Nasser bin Hamad, without wearing gloves and without adhering to social distancing.

There is no unified policy and no commitment on the part of members of the government itself. There is no one team, but multiple teams, with multiple objectives, at a time when the country is living in a critical phase, facing deep and complex crises on the political, economic, health, and human rights levels.

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