Families of Bahraini Stranded Abroad: 120 Elderly People Need Separate Quarantine

2020-04-16 - 6:36 م

Bahrain Mirror: Families of Bahrainis stranded abroad demanded that 120 elderly people returning home alone be quarantined into a designated government or private isolation place in a separate building or hotel, to ensure that they don't get in contact with others or get infected during the quarantine period.

The families said in a statement "the spread of virus is noted, especially among expatriates, which represents a new turning point that requires a realignment of priorities."

They pointed out that "there were repeated cases of contact and infection inside the government quarantine places, the most recent of which occurred in Al-Hidd quarantine."

The families said they are waiting for a "schedule for the evacuation plan for students in Jordan, India, Turkey, Egypt and other countries."

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