Ayatollah Qassim Reiterates his Call to Release Prisoners: No Excuse after Epidemic Outbreak

2020-04-15 - 4:58 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim said the responsibility the government bears does not allow delay in releasing prisoners in Bahrain, as the risk of a deadly epidemic increases.

Sheikh Qassim said in a statement that he who was warned has no excuse, in a reference to the increasing calls to release prisoners and increase of cases in the country.

"There is no excuse after the Coronavirus pandemic spread among workers, for it is a blatant warning that it will spread among prisoners. Tomorrow, remorse will have no benefit, and what is remedied may not be remedied tomorrow," he said.

"The people's most precious things of their worldly affairs are their lives and their dignity, and the lives of prisoners, who are thousands, are seriously threatened. No sane person hesitates in advising to take the initiative to release prisoners."

"The responsibility that the government bears before God Almighty, the society, and the human conscience, does not allow it to slacken."

Sheikh Qassim concluded by saying that "every initiative taken urgently regarding this matter is a sign of reason, wisdom and rightness."

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