Al-Wefaq: Decision from High Authorities Preventing Return of Stuck Bahrainis to the Country

2020-03-30 - 1:31 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said that more than 1,000 Bahraini citizens are still stuck in Iran, in addition to other citizens stuck in other countries, including Qatar, Jordan and other countries. The regime refuses their return and puts various obstacles to prevent it.

The society said in a statement on (Sunday, March 28, 2020) that the behavior of the Bahraini authorities in addressing the Sultanate of Oman on preventing the transfer of Bahraini citizens from Oman to Bahrain revealed that there is political interference from high authorities to prevent the return of the stuck persons, who are besieged by Coronavirus on one hand and by the actions of the regime that made them stuck on the other hand.

"Contrary to the actions of all the governments of the world regarding working on bringing back their citizens from abroad after the spread of the virus in most of the countries of the world, the Bahraini government rejected all calls and demands made by citizens to return, and even placed obstacles to prevent their return home," the statement added.

Al-Wefaq noted that what is taking place demonstrates incompetence and impartiality in managing the affairs of a purely humanitarian file, adding that rationalists and people of conscience should push towards resolving this humanitarian file quickly before it is too late. It indicated that the Bahraini regime ignored the demands of citizens stuck in Iran, especially those of whom six have died so far. In addition, the regime rejected all the submitted proposals, whether from local, Gulf or international parties, and refused to cooperate even with airlines that have expressed their willingness to do so, which reveals an insistence on more human losses with premeditation.

Al-Wefaq considered what the authorities in Bahrain are doing contradicts human values and international covenants, breaches the constitution, the law, and international conventions, contravene all misleading slogans about citizenship, patriotism, equality, and denotes a mentality of revenge and political blackmail.

Al-Wefaq concluded its statement by saying that "the person responsible for preventing Gulf Air from transporting the citizens is the same one responsible for the deaths of six citizens and he himself is responsible for preventing the return of every Bahraini citizen stuck abroad."

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