Al-Wefaq: Recent Releases Step towards Rationality, Should be Doubled to Include all Prisoners

2020-03-28 - 10:25 م

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said that the recent releases of a number of political prisoners in Bahrain, although a small number, are a step towards rationality and a reconsideration of the existing political trend, which has led to a deterioration of the general situation and a lack of national consensus.

Al-Wefaq highlighted in a statement on Friday (March 27, 2020) that this step needs to be demonstrated and proven to be a sign of a goodwill by being implemented in other forms in multiple directions on different tracks.

"The country is in dire need today of the existing politics to head in a new direction that would allow the nation to stand on its feet and recover from all that has happened to it. The people will always remain in the position of the evaluators," it added.

Al-Wefaq further stressed that "for this step to be deemed highly positive, it should be doubled to include all prisoners."

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