Iranian Foreign Ministry: Bahrain's Stance towards Stranded Bahrainis in Iran Irresponsible

2020-03-05 - 10:29 م

Bahrain Mirror: Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi stressed that his country expressed readiness to return stranded Bahrainis in Iran to their homeland, however, the Bahraini government has done nothing in this respect.

Mousavi criticized the Bahraini government's irresponsible behavior towards its citizens who have been stranded in Iran following the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

"At present, around 1,300 Bahraini citizens who have come to Iran for pilgrimage and tourism have had to have a long and unwanted stay in Iran because the Bahraini government has neglected to address their situation," Mousavi said.

The spokesperson expressed Iran's readiness for any cooperation with Bahrain with the purpose of helping those individuals return to their own country, noting that the Bahraini government is held accountable for any consequences of a delay in this regard.

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