Ayatollah Qassim on Feb. 14 Anniv: Opposition Responsible for Preserving Uprising's Purpose

2020-02-15 - 1:24 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The opposition is required to multiply its efforts and overcome the causes of division, said Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim in an address he delivered last night marking the ninth anniversary of the Bahraini February 14th uprising that erupted in 2011. He also called on all parties of the opposition to work under the umbrella of the peaceful approach.

Qassim considered that the opposition "should see itself responsible for preserving the purpose for which both uprisings were launched," adding that it is a major purpose.

The spiritual leader of the Shiite majority in Bahrain went on to criticize the authorities' proposal of the alternative punishment law for political prisoners instead of their release. "Alternative punishments must be countered just like original punishments. Society must be cleansed of all forms of oppression, and freedom granted by the Almighty Allah mustn't ever be subjected to compromise," he said. Ayatollah Qassim also described the alternative punishment law as "alternative oppression".

Sheikh Qassim further noted that "both Bahraini uprisings, the first (in the 1990s) and the second (on February 14, 2011), were caused by the same reason that is robbing the people of their political right and denying all rights."

He pointed out that "both uprisings, in the 1990s and February 14, 2011, adopted the same peaceful method, and that should continue."

"The uprising has declared its slogan for this year, ‘on the path of victory.' The victory required is a victory that starts with one's self, a victory of reform over corruption, justice over oppression and real freedom over tyranny." Ayatollah Isa Qassim added.

He stressed that there is no path to victory but by standing firm.


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