On February 14 Eve: Popular Demonstrations across Bahrain, Crackdown and Arrests

2020-02-14 - 6:34 م


Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): A number of areas across Bahrain have witnessed remarkable popular demonstrations and peaceful marches on the ninth anniversary of the February 14 uprising that erupted in 2011.

Despite the vast deployment of security forces aiming at undermining the popular movement and clamping down on the peaceful protests, demonstrations were organized in many areas of the island kingdom. Manama and dozens of areas witnessed protests and clashes with police forces.

Protests were staged in Bilad Al-Qadeem, Northern and Southern Al-Sehla, Al-Sanabis, Al-Musalla, Jidhafs, Karbabad, reaching the northern area, Al-Muqasha, Al-Qidam, Karana, Janusan, Abu Saiba, Al-Shakoura, Diraz and Bani Jamra.

The western area, Damistan, Karzakan, Al-Malikiya, Dar Kulaib and Shahrakan witnessed angry protests that demanded the release of political prisoners and stressed on adherence to the popular demands, which were the cause of the popular movement that was launched 9 years ago. 

Protests were also staged in Muharraq on the eve of the ninth anniversary of the February 14 uprising. Several areas in Sitra island witnessed widespread protests as well. 

In Muqasha, people chanted "Allah is Great" from their rooftops, in a scene similar to that when authorities imposed the National Safety Law in 2011.

Security forces affiliated with the Ministry of Interior cracked down on a large number of popular rallies, firing tear gas and arresting a number of participants.

Protestors held up photos of imprisoned opposition figures, martyrs and political prisoners, chanting slogans demanding putting an end to the Al Khalifa monopoly over power.

Security forces deployed a number of checkpoints near Sitra, Al-Sanabis, and a number of other places in anticipation of any further protests.


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