Al-Ghuraifi: Nation's Responsibility is to Reject Deal of Century

2020-02-10 - 8:23 م

Bahrain Mirror: Sayed Abdulla Al-Ghuraifi spoke about the responsibility of the Arab and Islamic nation in "rejecting the deal of the century which holds the worst choices and implications and which legalize the robbing of Palestinian territories."

He identified the "set of constants that must not change in the perspective of our Arab nation and Islam towards the Palestinian cause. The first constant is the presence of Palestine in the Arab conscience. Palestine should remain present in all our nation's conscience."

He noted that the second constant is that Al-Quds remains the capital of our Palestinian people. This is the path of history, and this is the choice of the people of Palestine, all Arabs and Muslims.

He stressed that the most important constant point is the return of displaced Palestinians to their land. The Palestinians should return to their land and to their homeland, no matter where they are.

"Any confiscation of any of these constants is a dangerous conspiracy against the Palestinian cause," he said.

He noted that "the deal of the century is aimed at confiscating these constants. It strips away from the conscience of Muslims, and from their minds, and from all their movements, their great cause; the cause of Palestine. It aims at Judaizing the city of Al-Quds. It also clearly realizes the project of blocking the way in front of displaced Palestinians."

Al-Ghuraifi explained that "the responsibility of our Arab and Islamic nation is to reject this deal which carries the worst and most dangerous implications and which legalizes robbing of Palestinian territories."

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