Former Detainee Dies after Struggle with Disease

2020-02-01 - 7:43 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Former detainee Hameed Al-Khatem died on Friday (January 31, 2020) after a struggle with disease.

Al-Khatem, from Samaheej, was arrested in July 2016 over tweets advocating to the popular demands. He was sentenced to two years in prison. His sentence was commuted in the appeals stage to one year in jail over charge of "insulting the king" on Twitter.

Due to poor health conditions in prison, Al-Khatem got affected with cancer. He suffered medical negligence and did not receive the necessary care. Al-Khatem left Bahrain to receive treatment abroad after finishing his prison verdict in July 2017.

Al-Khatem returned after months to Bahrain, but did not fully recover from the disease which returned shortly after. He passed away on Friday night.

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