2019 Roundup Editorial: We Won Gulf Cup, but Failed to Build a Common Homeland

2020-01-06 - 5:30 م

Bahrain Mirror (2019 Roundup): All Bahraini factions unanimously shared two joyful moments; the joy of the birth of the National Charter in 2001, and the joy of winning the 24th Gulf Cup. In both moments, we witnessed an impeccable national achievement. We examined ourselves, our patriotism and our collective dream. We made sure that we are still fine, the lean years did not eliminate our hope in building a common homeland.

Good governance needs shrewd policy that captures historic national moments, to correct its mistakes and review its performance. Power, superiority and victory are achieved by capturing such moments and using them as foundations to build upon. However, stubbornness, missing opportunities, drowning in hatred, revenge and ignoring dilemmas are manifestations of folly and illness, rather than empowerment and ability.

In previous years, we have experienced enough to have the idea of a true homeland destroyed in people's hearts and minds, but this year it became clear that the idea had not been destroyed, and that it was just waiting for a call. Where should the call come from? It should come from a leadership that has historic morality that would make it worthy of leading its people to a safe place of coexistence.

The idea has not been destroyed. It is still alive in people's minds. It has been present in the common thoughts and feelings and shared dreams of a large group of people, called Bahrainis, who dream of bringing together their common interests in the form of a homeland, and overcoming the crushing, oppression, executions, imprisonment, torture and immigration that they have lived through since 2011.

The initiatives of Alternative Punishments and citizenship restoration could have gone as far as becoming a national historic moment, in which we regain our wellness, but the harvest of disappointments is what is looming at the end of this year. Thus, we apologize to all Bahrainis if they find in our roundup reports what takes them back to the reality they have suffered from in their lives rather than their dreams that they have long hoped of realizing.

Our historic win could have turned into a historic triumph if there had been a leadership that seized the opportunity. 

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