Mohammad Fakhrawi in Isolation, Deprived of Phone Calls

2019-12-27 - 9:17 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The targeting of detainee Mohammad Fakhrawi in Jaw Central prison is increasing every day amid suspicious silence of the competent authorities. The prison administration didn't only isolate him in building 2 with nearly 700 prisoners, all of whom convicted in drug-related cases, noting that he is the only political prisoner among them with Abbas Malullah, they also put him in a contaminated place with a large number of people with hepatitis, and are now depriving him of contacting his family since around a month ago.

Before this, he was denied to make phone calls without being accompanied by a policeman. After two calls, he was totally denied to contact his family. His last call to his family was on November 30. His family knows nothing about him since then. They are worried about the abuse and torture he is subjected to in prison and they only receive news from inside the prison about the repeated targeting of their son from the prison head himself.

His mother, who is suffering from the absence of her four children, two of whom in prison and the other two outside Bahrain, is concerned since she hasn't been allowed to contact her son all this time and she doesn't know what is happening to him inside this terrifying place.

Mohammad Fakhrawi's children, Karim (8 years old), Nour (6 years old) and Fatima (4 years old) are waiting to hear anything from their father. They constantly ask about him and why he is not calling them.

The news his family receive from the prison makes them more anxious. They were told that that a week ago the prison head summoned him and placed him in an isolated room out of sight. They then tied his hands and legs to the bed for a while in the presence of the head himself, and then transferred him to solitary confinement. He was placed in a cell with no water. His hands and legs were tied with more than one chain while being there.

No one knows the reason behind this direct and repeated targeting against Mohammad Fakhrawi. In a leaked audio recording last August, while unarmed prisoners were on their open hunger strike to protest against their miserable situation, Fakhrawi revealed part of his suffering in isolation with detainee Abbas Malullah. He said that he had been locked in this place for nearly two and a half years, and complained about the dire humanitarian situation they are living in and suffering in this building among prisoners convicted in drug-related cases.  He said that "even those convicted in other cases have done the crimes under the effects of drugs or are convicted over more than one case, including drugs." He explained that "all the prisoners here, except us both, are being treated for psychological and nervous diseases and are given sedatives and hypnotics."

It is a deliberate psychological and physical act of slowly killing Fakhrawi from the inside out. This is happening amid the lack of surveillance over an administration that uses power and humiliation against prisoners, if one assumes that this administration is taking individual actions, not systematic ones.

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