Late Al-Jamri is Our Pride and Dignity: Al-Wefaq Society

2019-12-19 - 8:34 م

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said "loyalty to the late Sheikh Abdulamir Al-Jamri is firmly rooted in sticking to the just demands his path has drawn in dignity, democracy and political partnership."

On the 13th anniversary of his demise, Al-Wefaq paid homage to one of its great fathers, who laid down the bases of its renaissance and foundation.

"Sheikh Al-Jamri is our pride and we are an extension to that bright national history, the great Islamic project, peaceful coexistence and fight against corruption, injustice, terrorism and extremism," Al-Wefaq stated.

The Society prayed at the end of its statement "for mercy for Sheikh Al-Jamri's soul and for all the martyrs of the uprising of dignity and revolution."

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