Al-Wefaq in Open Letter to GCC Summit: Gulf Nationals Seek Stability and Reform

2019-12-11 - 9:39 م

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society sent an open letter to the Gulf Cooperation Council meeting held in Riyadh in which it stressed that the GCC summit has great responsibilities towards working to provide security and stability in the region by keeping it far from local, regional and international tensions, reducing internal escalation and ending the strain with neighboring countries completely.

Al-Wefaq said in a statement on Monday (December 9, 2019) that the peoples of the region demand that the Gulf citizen be the focus of all policies, projects and plans, and that all budgets, energies and natural resources be directed to advancement, construction, development, lifting the living standards of the citizen and welfare at all levels, stopping the depletion of Gulf funds in any projects or programs, whether military or civilian in case they do not serve the Gulf citizen, and completely put an end to the Yemen war.

Al-Wefaq stressed that the stance of the Gulf people is firm in combating terrorism and eliminating all its financial and intellectual sources, combating extremism and hatred, and that it is through official programs that are serious in keeping our peoples away from extremism, terrorism and hate speech and away from the political exploitation of the concept of combating terrorism to suppress legitimate aspirations and demands towards democracy.

The society stressed on the need of the Gulf for political and economic radical and collective reform, stopping all the taxes and raising the living standards of citizens, along with the need to release public freedoms.

In its letter to the summit, Al-Wefaq highlighted the need to stop all moves aimed at normalizing with the Zionist entity and warned against falling into the traps of dangerous plots by the Zionists to destroy the peoples and wealth of our region.

The letter also focused on the need to work towards addressing the political crisis in Bahrain which has left major and severe repercussions on in the country and on the Gulf region, with an emphasis on full commitment to the peaceful movement as well as the just national choices and demands.

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