Who's Behind Former Bahrain TV Presenter Mohammed Al-Bishri's Insult to Kuwait?

2019-12-05 - 8:44 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): To figure out who's behind the insult of former Bahrain Television presenter Mohammed Al-Bishri (Al-Shorouqi) to the sisterly State of Kuwait, one only has to know who's behind the insult of Salman Al-Dosari to Kuwait.

In August 2017, a group of hackers hacked the Twitter account of Bahraini Foreign Minister and revealed numerous private correspondences, including correspondence with Salman Al-Dosari, the former editor-in-chief of Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, in which the minister asked Al-Dosari to focus on Kuwait.

"Oman's position is understandable, this is their line, but Qatar is carrying out Western orders... Kuwait is the country that is most required to stand clear now. Pressure it now and don't worry." These were the Bahraini Minister's instructions to Al-Dosari.  Al-Dosari responded to this when Al-Sharq Al-Awsar published a headline on its front page, a day after this private letter, entitled "Gulf-Iranian Dialogue: A Qatari idea, Kuwaiti silence and Saudi-Emirati and Bahraini reservation".

Al-Dosari focused on Kuwait's position, which is different from that of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman, quoting an unnamed "senior Gulf official" saying that the position of the three countries "weakens the firm position taken by the Gulf States".

These leaked correspondences reveal some of what is going on inside the newsrooms of the Gulf "government-funded" newspapers. They also reveal another more important issue which is how much Bahrain was disturbed about Kuwait's independent and neutral stance on events in the Gulf, including its role as a mediator seeking to bring views closer.

What is needed is to focus on Kuwait. "Pressure it now and don't worry" that was what the Minister ordered Al-Dosari to do. Is it still not clear now who is behind the media figure's insult and why he is so comfortable with insulting the State of Kuwait and its leadership? This side is also behind the insult to Qatar, its leadership and people at a time when the Gulf crisis is cooling down with the Gulf Cup 24.

Well, look for the minister! The player with puppets and Bahrain's radical foreign minister, who runs a network of loyal journalists and professionals who are concerned with fueling the Gulf dispute and striking down reconciliation initiatives. In fact, Bahrain is not one of the countries with a democracy where a government journalist can "speak out". Journalists are speakers of officials.

The Anti-Cybercrime Department has informed us that it "took legal actions against a person after he posted a video on a social media outlet that included an offense to a sisterly country." But this is only considered as throwing dust in the eyes in order to conceal an existing crisis, especially in the wake of Bahrain's widespread popular uproar and rejection of insulting the State of Kuwait as well as the efforts of some Kuwaitis to raise the issue.

Al-Bishri has already been arrested on charges of insulting the Bahraini Prime Minister through managing "Nae'b Ta'eb" account for the Royal Court wing. He was arrested and then easily released. If he was released after insulting the Prime Minister, then what would be the outcome of his charges of insulting a sisterly state? The real translation of "taking measures" mentioned in the Anti-Cybercrime Department statement is merely a way to contain the issue and stop any reactions to it.

The Kuwaiti team, which is seeking to file a lawsuit in this direction, should continue its endeavors and not be fooled by the announcement of the Bahraini Interior Ministry. There is a known wing in the regime behind Al-Shorouqi and this wing is the one who directs him and will get him out of this chaos. The first thing Kuwait should know is that this statement did not include Al-Shorouqi's name or the country he offended. It is worth mentioning that there are reports stating that Al-Shorouqi is not even in Bahrain.

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