One Year in Jail with Suspension of Verdict for Employee in Traffic Directorate

2019-11-27 - 9:51 م

Bahrain Mirror: The High Appeals Couurt upheld the imprisonment of an employee in the General Directorate of Traffic who seized money in his capacity as supervisor of the Vehicle Licensing Department. The court accepted the appeals in form, rejected it in substance and upheld the appealed verdict.

The first-instance court handed down on 26/9/2019 one-year jail term against the defendant and fined him 3,323 dinars and 500 fils, and bound him to pay back the amount. The court ordered the suspension of jail term for 3 years.

The public prosecution accused the suspect of seizing 3,323 dinars and 500 fils being a public official (supervisor of the Vehicle Licensing Department in the Traffic Directorate), from 2008 to 2011.

The prosecution demanded to punish him pursuant to articles 107/1, 195 and 201 of the Penal Code.

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