Trial of Bahraini who Forged Passport of His Handicapped Brother to Leave Country Commences

2019-11-27 - 8:49 م

Bahrain Mirror: A citizen wanted over cheques without balance cases made use of expiry of passport and ID of his handicapped brother, renewed them and put his own photo on them using the government's website. He used them for 3 years before he was arrested at the airport coming from a gulf states.

The Public Prosecution referred him to the First High Criminal Court which decided to adjourn his case until December 3.

The General Directorate of Investigation and Criminal Evidence received information that the 30-year-old suspect forged a passport and ID. After reviewing his criminal record, it was noted that he is wanted over cases of cheques without balance and banned from traveling.

The suspect admitted that he renewed the passport and ID of his brother online and claimed that he uploaded his own photo by mistake. He also admitted that he used the forged passport and ID to leave the country.

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