Tanatish Program: King's Wealth Increased Five Times since Assuming Power

2019-11-22 - 10:02 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini media man Hasan Qambar wondered through his program "Tanatish" whether Bahrain will be affected by the popular movements in Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon and Kuwait, and said "Is Bahrain being ruled by prophets or angels? Of course no".

Tanatish's episode tackled corruption in Bahrain and the financial violations and abuses referred to in the National Audit Office (NAO) report.

It also said that the country's money are spent on hobbies of king's sons, while citizens are burdened by taxes.

Qambar addressed the king saying "you live the best life while there are hungry people who have to search for cans in garbage to sell."

He went on to say that the National Audit Office had issued 16 reports, wondering if anyone of those involved in abuses and corruption was held accountable. He indicated that the report changed into an annual party where photos are taken.

The presenter also spoke about some of the violations stated in the NAO report, especially employing foreigners and favoring them to Bahrainis.

He also mentioned the significant waste in the University of Bahrain, Bapco, and Ministry of Municipal Affairs, and asked about Mumtalakat's money and many other large real estate projects that no one knows who benefits from.

The program showed samples of poor Bahraini women suffering from hardship and extreme poverty. It also aired a video of a citizen complaining about the privileges naturalized people have, from job opportunities and houses as well as many other services.

He indicated that information reveal that the king's wealth has increased five times since assuming power, noting that half of the oil and gas money goes to the king's pocket.

Qambar asked what would happen if Bahrainis remain silent amid this corruption and wealth monopoly.

He also asked about the deputies and the reason behind them remaining silent, and challenged them to ask about the corruption referred to in the NAO report in Defence and Interior Ministries.

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