Mojtaba Al-Abbar: First Political Convict to Receive Alternative Punishment

2019-11-22 - 9:40 م

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh said that the released detainee Sayed Mojtaba Al-Abbar is the first case among political detainees to receive alternative punishment.

Al-Saegh explained that Al-Abbar is sentenced to 3 years in jail over political background, adding that he almost spend two years of his term, and has one year, one month and seven days left from his sentence.

Al-Abbar submitted a release request under the alternative punishment law. His request was met and was released on Sunday, November 17. He finished the procedures which were in an office in Isa Town city between Women's Prison and Juvenile prison.

Al-Saegh also said "after being received by the investigating officers (body responsible for the arrest) along with a number of those who were included in the alternative sentences and who are sentenced over criminal backgrounds, he was asked to go the second day to the Ministry of Health to receive a job and add his fingerprint. His first working day will be on Sunday, November 24. His program will be for a month and seven days which he will spend at Salmaniya Medical Complex. Meanwhile, he will have to attend rehabilitation programs in the remaining year.

"Finally, Hawraa will sleep in her father's lap," Al-Saegh added, noting that Hawraa was born while her father was in prison.

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